Naturebased experiences for health and progress

shinrin-yoku - forestbathing

With the Nature as the therapist you calm down and get in contact with your senses - the guide will help you.

If you live in Sweden you can through the doctor at the health center come to horticultural rehabilitation at Solsidan. 

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stay at the farm


Book a weekend or a week in one of our coosy eco-cottages, together with your Love, a friend, your family or just for yourself...

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activities in the relaxing surroundings

You offers a lot of active and creative things to do here: tracking, bicing, birding, canoeing as well as testing different handicrafts.

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Health & growth


For companies, groups and individuals. Work-shops and courses in team-bilding, stress-reduction, youga, mindfulnes etc... In the nature, with the nature

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